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Electric Vehicle Charge Points for New Residential and Non-Residential Buildings — Scottish Government

Deadline 26 November 2021

“Options for further improvement in our energy standards have been developed, in 2020 and 2021, through research and with the support and input of a working group of key industry stakeholders.

However, changes to our standards and supporting guidance apply at a national level to all development work across Scotland. The effect of a step change in the level of ambition for energy performance in construction is likely to be significant in some areas.

We therefore seek your views and evidence of the challenges and opportunities that are likely to be experienced as we look to reflect current good practice in the setting of minimum standards for new building work and introduce further changes which will support the broader intent to introduce a 2024 New Build Heat Standard.

We are also seperately seeking views on our proposals for the installation of electric vehicle charge points in parking spaces for new residential buildings and new and existing non-residential buildings.”

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