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Glasgow Low Emission Zone Consultation — Glasgow City Council

Deadline 02 September 2021

“The council introduced Scotland’s first ever Low Emission Zone (LEZ) in 2018 to address levels of harmful nitrogen dioxide in our city centre, predominantly caused by road traffic.  Glasgow’s LEZ is intended to protect public health by improving air quality which is of particular benefit to older and very young people, and for those with existing heart and lung conditions.

A phased approach to Glasgow’s LEZ has been adopted to give people the chance to prepare. The current Phase 1 applies to local service buses only, whereas Phase 2 will be far broader in scope and will include all vehicles entering the zone area, unless exempt.

A preferred scheme design for Phase 2 has been developed taking into consideration the evidence base, previous stakeholder engagement (including the findings of a non-statutory consultation) and the impacts of the pandemic.

We are consulting and seeking feedback on these proposals.”

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