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Implementing the bus provisions of the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 — The Scottish Government

Deadline 06 October 2021

“Bus Services are an economic and social cornerstone for Scotland. The sector accounts for three quarters of all public transport journeys and is set to play an increasingly important role in achieving a just transition to net zero by 2045. However, bus patronage in Scotland (and the UK) has been declining since the 1960s with the trend continuing through and beyond the privatisation of the sector following deregulation in 1985.

“Set against this backdrop, the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 develops and refines the regulatory landscape with a suite of options designed to halt the decline in patronage and improve bus services.

“The purpose of this consultation paper is to help us design the implementation framework set out by the bus provisions contained within the 2019 Act, which covers partnership working, local services franchising, powers for local transport authorities to run their own buses and improvements to information.”