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Scotland’s public finances in 2023-24: Pre-Budget Scrutiny

Deadline 19 August 2022

Inquiry focus

How will the rising cost of living impact on the Scottish Budget in 2023-24? Will the Scottish Government’s proposals for reforming the public service deliver the efficiencies expected?

These and other questions are the focus for the committee’s pre-budget 2023-24 scrutiny.

Pre-Budget Scrutiny – Aims

The Committee would like to hear your thoughts on this topic as part of its pre-budget scrutiny.

Pre-budget scrutiny aims to:

  • influence how the Budget is prepared
  • improve transparency and increase public awareness of the Budget
  • consider how the Scottish Government’s Budget for 2022-23 should respond to new fiscal and wider policy challenges
  • lead to better results and outcomes when compared against the Scottish Government’s targets and goals
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