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Workplace Parking Licensing Consultation — Transport Scotland

Deadline 06 September 2021

Workplace Parking Licensing – Consultation on Regulations and Guidance.

About this consultation

The Transport (Scotland) Act 2019 introduced a discretionary power for local authorities to implement WPL schemes. The Act provides the legislative framework for WPL and confers powers on Scottish Ministers to make regulations in relation to certain elements. This consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders and the general public to offer their views on the key aspects of WPL regulations and guidance that will derive from the Transport (Scotland) Act 2019.

This consultation on Workplace Parking Licensing (WPL) Scheme regulations and guidance gives us an opportunity to seek your opinions on the regulatory framework and supporting guidance which will underpin local authorities’ WPL schemes, should they choose to implement WPL.

This consultation is not about the design or implementation of any individual town or city-specific WPL scheme. Local authorities will be required to undertake a consultation on their local schemes.”