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Walkable communities: two-part webinar 8th and 22nd February

Date: 08 February 2022
Location: Online
Organised by: Living Streets Scotland

Living Streets Scotland are hosting a two-part webinar series which offers a fresh perspective on walking infrastructure: what it is and how to get it. They are encouraging local authorities, active travel advocates, and equalities groups to join them on their mission to find a route to walkable neighbourhoods that everyone can travel.

Here is a description of two webinars they are hosting in February:

Part 1: Beyond Tarmac: what communities really need to get them walking

When we think about walking infrastructure, we tend to focus on technical details. However, communities tell us that enabling walking journeys takes more than well surfaced pavements – they highlight their needs for resting places, public toilets, safe and social routes, and many other requirements. In this first webinar, we’ll look at what walking infrastructure really is and start a conversation about the changes we urgently need to enable modal shift and make local communities walkable for everyone.

Book here for the Zoom webinar on Tuesday 8th February 10.00 am -11.45am <>

Part 2: Learning from Benches: a case study on infrastructure frustrations

Why is it easier to ask for a memorial bench than one that will allow residents of a sheltered housing complex to use a bus stop? We worked with older people to install benches in strategic spots across their communities, granting accessibility to resting places for those that need them. Here we share our findings, including our short film investigating the importance of benches and how to get them installed. We’ll explore how to find funding and manage planning for walking infrastructure, as well as bring people together to discuss how to improve the process.

Book here for the Zoom webinar on Tuesday 22nd February 10.00 am -11.45am–rrTMqHddUkoeYHkZYcoKe-VGnFDEG