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Choose bus for me-time — #lovemybus

#lovemybus – choosing to travel by bus increases the opportunities for ‘me-time’

Transform Scotland worked with Stagecoach West Scotland to deliver the first phase of this aspirational campaign to improve knowledge and promote the benefits of bus travel to health and wellbeing.

We were delighted to work with Professor Adrian Davis from Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute. Professor Davis provided evidence supporting six key benefits associated with bus travel – health, saving money and time, me-time, relaxation, clean air and planet.

Choose the bus for me-time

Travel-time can be seen as a ‘gift’ to the passenger. A bus journey can be an opportunity for time out, to ‘switch-off’ or to do personal tasks such as organising work and home life during an otherwise busy routine.

Professor Davis notes that,

‘Periods of relaxation and time-out form the most common positive associations with travel-time on the bus. Passengers enjoy the time that the bus provides to listen to music, think, daydream, read, and gaze out of the window.

Travel-time means different things to different people and hence it is used and experienced in diverse ways. Many passengers enjoy time-out and time-for activities during this time. In particular emergent information and communication technologies are re-shaping the ways in which travel-time on the bus can be used, allowing greater potential for allocating personal time and the opportunity to disengage from the public space of the bus and connect virtually to wider social network.’

#lovemybus Champion Bronagh would agree with this and chooses the bus to commute, ‘because it allows me to sit back and unwind, enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets’. She goes on to say that, ‘I don’t feel guilty about listening to my music or watching a movie because when I get home, I’ve got things to do, jobs or whatever, so I can just use the bus as my time to relax’.

So, choose the bus this new year, take the time to listen to your music, watch a film, catch up with friends or even have a wee snooze.

Social Media

The #lovemybus team and Champions are active on Twitter & Instagram, and would welcome your interaction with the campaign on these channels. For updates on the campaign follow @lovemybus on twitter and @lovemybus on Instagram or email <> for further details.

For more on the #lovemybus campaign visit the Stagecoach West Scotland website.