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Choose bus to relax — #lovemybus


#lovemybus – choosing to travel by bus allows us to relax

Transform Scotland worked with Stagecoach West Scotland to deliver the first phase of this aspirational campaign to improve knowledge and promote the benefits of bus travel to health and wellbeing.

We were delighted to work with Professor Adrian Davis from Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute. Professor Davis provided evidence supporting six key benefits associated with bus travel – health, saving money and time, me-time, relaxation, clean air and planet.

Choose the bus to relax

The car is often held up as the most attractive mode of transport, with convenience, speed, comfort and individual freedom presented as arguments in its favour. However, taking the bus helps reduce the stress and strain from travel. Bus provides an opportunity to relax promotes mental health and wellbeing.

Research has linked mindfulness to commuters under less stress than car drivers. It can be associated with improvements to mental health, social engagement, and behavioural regulation.[1] However, these perceived advantages must be connected with comfort-related attributes such as having a seat on the bus and a pleasant temperature.

Professor Davis notes that,

‘Physical activity boosts mental health and wellbeing and contributes to reducing the risks of ill-health and premature death from preventable diseases. Most bus users undertake at least some physical activity in accessing the services. There is strong evidence that this makes a significant contribution towards achieving the 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity recommended each week by the Chief Medical Officers’.[2]

#lovemybus champion Christine

You can find Professor Davis full briefing here.

#lovemybus Champion Christine would agree with this. She chooses the bus to commute, ‘because it is happy and stress-free’. She goes on to say that, ‘the relax theme is really why I like using the bus. I actually use my meditation app. on the way home, which is not something I could do if I was driving’.

Social Media

The #lovemybus team and Champions are active on Twitter & Instagram. We would welcome your interaction with the campaign on these channels. For updates follow @lovemybus on twitter and @lovemybus on Instagram or email <> for further details.

For more on the #lovemybus campaign visit the Stagecoach West Scotland website.

[1] Lajeunesse, S., Rodriquez, D. 2012. Mindfulness, time affluence, and journey-based affect: Exploring relationships, Transportation Research Part F, 15(2) 196-205.

[2] Patterson, R. et al. 2018. Physical activity accrued as part of public transport use in England, Journal of Public Health, 1-9.doi:10.1093/pubmed/fdy099