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#lovemybus Champions

Meet our #lovemybus Champions

Our #lovemybus Champions share their stories here and their insights, whether working to provide bus services or travelling by bus, demonstrate just how important bus is to so many people, communities, our health, economy and our planet. They show why bus must be at the heart of a just, green recovery.

Robert works with stakeholders to promote the use of bus as a sustainable, accessible and a green travel method of choice to passengers.

Robert’s story and why he loves the bus:

“I was six years old when I became interested in buses. As I’ve grown up, my passion for the bus industry has only developed further. I really like the connectivity that bus networks provide.”

You can read Robert’s biography in full here.

“My favourite part of my job would be pre pandemic and that is meeting different people, having interactions with them with a view to making a difference in their community which could be by making a change or making something better or easier in some way.”

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Jason is supporting people to stay connected by bus in many ways, including working in partnership with lots of organisations and initiatives.

Jason’s story and why he loves the bus:

“Bus is part of the emissions & congestion solution and not the problem. Whilst living our vision & values; we provide easy and convenient mobility, improving quality of life by connecting people and communities.”

You can read Jason’s biography in full here.

“I’ve got a fantastic team in Larbert Depot who are really customer centric. Its ok saying we all need to meet customer demand but if we’re being customer centric in the first instance then it’s natural to deliver that service and meet demand.”

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Michelle has an important role in ensuring that those who rely on public transport can take their everyday and essential journeys.

Michelle’s story and why she loves the bus:

“Being a Bus Driver and being a necessity to especially independent older people who rely on public transport to get about for their shopping, go to the doctors, hospital appointments or even to just visit their friends (or to the local bingo halls) it makes me proud to be part of that journey.”

You can read Michelle’s biography in full here.

I love my job. You’re working on your own but we are a team, all bus drivers give one another a nice wave as they pass each other, it’s sort of like a little family.

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Andrew is keeping people connected by being a driver, to help deliver the links that people need to move around.

Andrew’s story and why he loves the bus: 

“I love the bus, they are fast, dependable and always there when you need them. I have always travelled on the bus since a very young age, I loved the cheeriness of drivers also, made my day at times travelling to and from college. I have always admired travelling on the buses that much that I really wanted to be a driver.”

You can read Andrew’s biography in full here.

“I sometimes stop the bus and think, wow! The responsibility of getting people around, the buses are so important in some of the outlying smaller areas like Duntocher! It’s their only way of being connected to people and places and we need to provide a happy friendly service that helps with that!” 

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Carolyn is helping people stay connected by providing important information that allows people to make journeys, and ensure they have everything they need to know ahead of travel. 

Carolyn’s story and why she loves the bus: 

I think that public transport and more specifically the bus brings such a blend of people together. I’m also passionate about the environmental factors associated with public transport, and I think that so many people are still unaware of the impact their bus journey makes directly on the environment.”

You can read Carolyn’s biography in full here.

“A small adjustment on our end, could equate to a real impact on their journey – and to improve their day and experience in any way was something we were glad to be able to do to ensure that services were running for those who needed them.”

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Every day Ewan and fellow team members take on the big challenge that is allocating the fleet of 300 buses at the Caledonia Depot so they are assigned to drivers and routes.

Ewan’s story and why he loves the bus: 

“My best bus story recently is the first time I drove one of our new electric buses on the M3 service between Glasgow City Centre and Milton. It was one of the first days these vehicles were in service and the general public were amazed with the new vehicles, as was I. Quiet, smooth and warm. A total pleasure to drive. A brilliant vehicle, with all the latest technology and gave me an insight into what to expect our green future of buses to be like.

You can read Ewan’s biography in full here.

Although it’s been a busy, changeable time, it’s also been brilliant as everyone has just got on with it and rallied round, to get everything running smoothly.”

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