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#lovemybus — promoting the benefits of bus

The Campaign

We are working with Stagecoach West Scotland to deliver an aspirational campaign to improve knowledge of the benefits of bus travel to health and well being. The #lovemybus team would also like to thank the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund from Paths for All for their support.

The campaign aims to increase awareness, understanding and positive attitudes to bus travel, in particular, the benefits to health, lifestyle, reduced stress and improved relaxation. It aims to generate ‘feel good’ about bus travel and inspire commuters to choose bus over the car for everyday journeys for their own health, well-being and quality of life as well as for the health of their family, their wider community and the planet.

For updates on the campaign follow @lovemybus_ on twitter and @lovemybus_ on Instagram or email <>.

Essential evidence

We have been working with Professor Adrian Davis from the Edinburgh Napier University’s Transport Research Institute to generate the ‘essential evidence’ for why people should choose the bus and why bus use deserves greater attention across Scottish public policy. Professor Davis has identified 6 key benefits of bus travel set out in short, digestible summaries. Click on the icons below to read the essential evidence.


The #lovemybus team have recruited six ‘Champions’, who we have challenged to take the bus for a year and share the stories of their journeys. You can read our champions introductions here.

The Champions have written blogs for us to explain what it is really like to take the bus. The champions have already told us about meeting new people, having a snooze on the bus, and feeling better for the walk to the bus stop in the morning. Meet our champions here:

Mikey chooses the bus to commute because it is better for the environment, to reduce congestion and it is flexible for his lifestyle.

You can read his first blog here.

You can read his second blog here.

Christine chooses the bus because it is reliable, relaxed, convenient and less busy than the train.

You can read her first blog here.

You can read her second blog here.

Scott has had an incredible journey over years commuting on the express bus and even met his wife on the bus!

You can read his first blog here.

You can read his second blog here.

Emma chooses the bus because it is convenient, cheap and simple.

You can read her first blog here.

You can read her second blog here.

Bronagh chooses the bus because the bus allows her to sit back and unwind enjoying the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

You can read her first blog here.

You can read her second blog here.

Lewis chooses the bus because it’s cheaper, less hassle and better for the planet.

You can read his first blog here.

You can read his second blog here.

Making the case for bus

There have been big changes in Government policy recently and buses are benefitting. We have been making the case for investment in buses to reverse the decline in bus patronage over the last 10 years. The September 2019 Scottish Government ‘Programme for Government’ promised over £500 million investment in improved bus priority infrastructure. This is a big success for bus use but there is much left to do and Transform Scotland and the #lovemybus team will continue making the case for buses to be prioritised.


The #lovemybus team has been working alongside our partners in the Ayr and Kilmarnock Active Travel Hubs to spread the message that choosing the bus is better for your health, the health of the planet, and your wallet at events throughout the West of Scotland.

Upcoming events

We will update you with more #lovemybus events soon.

Past events

#lovemybus at the Cylcing, Walking, and Bus Cross-Party Group

#lovemybus was a topic of a Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group on Cycling, Walking and Buses meeting on Buses on Wednesday 27 November. Jess Pepper from Transform Scotland and #lovemybus champion Christine presented an update on the campaign to the CPG.

#lovemybus Ayr reception

In October, the #lovemybus team met up at the Treehouse in Ayr for an update on the campaign and to meet with local MP Bill Grant.

#lovemybus at the races

We have been along to Ayr Racecourse three times this year with Stagecoach’s open-top bus to encourage racegoers to use the bus to and from the races, as well as in their daily travels.

#lovemybus bus station pop-ups

We have been at the bus stations in Ayr and Kilmarnock, giving out free fruit, #lovemybus goodies and getting passengers to complete surveys to help us understand why people choose the bus.

#lovemybus at clean air day

On June 20, we went to Clean Air Day in George Square in Glasgow to help spread the message that using the bus instead of the car reduces local air pollution. We also collected pledges from attendees on our pledge boards. Each express bus can take up to 75 cars off the road which leads to a big reduction in local air pollution. You can read more about Clean Air Day here.

#lovemybus with the Active Travel Hubs

The #lovemybus team has been along to country walks and cycles with the Ayr and Kilmarnock Active Travel Hubs to support the connections between active travel and bus use.


As part of the campaign, we have been collecting survey responses to improve the understanding of why people choose the bus and what factors could we change to make the bus more appealing. The results will be available soon.

Social Media

We’ve been active on Twitter & Instagram, and would welcome your interaction with the campaign on these channels. For updates on the campaign follow @lovemybus on twitter and @lovemybus on Instagram or email <> for further details.

For more on the #lovemybus campaign visit the Stagecoach West Scotland website.