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Our campaigns communicate the sustainable transport agenda to the media, politicians at the Scottish Parliament, local government, businesses and the general public, promoting the benefits of sustainable transport to all sectors of our society. To do this, we publish materials on a broad range of transport topics.

Below is a list of a few of our most recent publications. Alternatively, please use the search facility on the right to help you find what you’re looking for.

For information on travelling in Scotland see our Sustainable Travel Information page, which includes details of transport operators in Scotland as well as providing some useful links for planning trips within Scotland, and information on travel between Scotland and the rest of the world.






Transform’s annual accounts for 2019-20

We have published our annual acounts for 2019-20.

29 Oct 2020


Transform’s Annual Report for 2020

We published our Annual Report for 2020.

29 Oct 2020


Presentation on the draft Infrastructure Investment Plan

Transform policy Officer, Marie Ferdelman's presentation on the draft Infrastructure Investment Plan.

19 Oct 2020

Transport expenditure


Tranform objection to M9 Winchburgh Junction

We submitted an objection to the M9 Winchburgh Junction to Transport Scotland.

08 Oct 2020



Infrastructure Investment Plan Parliamentary Briefing

We submitted a parliamentary briefing prior to the ministerial statement on the Infrastructure Investment Plan.

24 Sep 2020

Climate Change, Transport expenditure


Transform & Aviation Environment Federation Joint Briefing

Joint briefing from Transform Scotland & Aviation Environment Federation on 'Sustainable Aviation beyond COVID-19'.

21 Sep 2020



Presentation to Transform’s members on the Programme for Government

Transform Director, Colin Howden's presentation on the 2020-21 Scottish Government Programme for Government.

10 Sep 2020

Transport Policy


Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee Pre-Budget Scrutiny evidence

Our response to the Scottish Parliament’s Finance and Constitution Committee call for views on pre-budget scrutiny.

07 Aug 2020

Fiscal & Pricing


Access to Bike Schemes in Scotland (Transform Consulting report)

Report from our social enterprise consultancy Transform Consulting for Cycling Scotland on bike schemes in Scotland (e.g. pool bike fleets, public bike hire, cycle to work schemes and bike recycling schemes).

29 Jul 2020

Active Travel, Cycling


Just Transition Commission Consultation response

Our response submitted jointly with Ramblers Scotland, to the Just Transition Commission Consultation.

03 Jul 2020

Climate Change


COVID-19 – impact on Scotland’s businesses, workers and economy response

Our response to the EEFW Committee's inquiry on 'COVID-19 – impact on Scotland’s businesses, workers and economy response'.

29 Jun 2020

Transport & the Economy, Transport expenditure


Transport recovery: Rebuilding public transport patronage

This report sets out transport investment priorities to rebuild public transport patronage post-lockdown.

25 Jun 2020

Buses, Public Transport, Rail, Urban transport


Connected Recovery: Enabling the digital commute

This report sets out recommendations for making ‘the digital commute’ the norm post-lockdown.

18 Jun 2020

Smarter Choices, Traffic Reduction


Active Recovery: Locking-in the active travel benefits

This report sets out recommendations for locking-in the active travel benefits from the Coronavirus lockdown

11 Jun 2020

Active Travel, Cycling, Streets, Urban transport, Walking


Just Recovery: reversing the lockdown inequalities

The report sets out a series of recommendations for the Scottish Government in designing its transport response to coronavirus so that the negative impacts of the lockdown are not “prolonged indefinitely” for the Scottish households whose mobility has been most severely curtailed during the lockdown.

04 Jun 2020

Social Justice, Transport Policy


‘Berryden corridor improvement’ — Transform Scotland objection

We have submitted our objection to Aberdeen City Council's proposed new £26 million urban road-building scheme.

14 Apr 2020



Presentation to Scottish Renewables conference

Transform Scotland external affairs manager Jess Pepper's presentation to Scottish Renewables transport conference held on 19 February.

19 Feb 2020


Sherrifhall Roundabout — Transform Scotland objection

Our objection to the road orders for the proposed new Sherrifhall Roundabout on the Edinburgh City Bypass.

29 Jan 2020



Queensferry Crossing Public Transport Strategy parliamentary briefing

Briefing paper sent to the Scottish Parliament's Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee prior to its 08/01/20 evidence session on the Queensferry Crossing Public Transport Strategy.

08 Jan 2020

Buses, Public Transport, Rail, Roads


The Tourist Duty Presentation

Presentation on The Tourist Duty by Poppy Marples, Transport and Tourism Researcher for Transform Scotland.

12 Dec 2019

Tourism, Urban transport


The Tourist Duty

In this report, we explore the rationale for introducing a Transient Visitor Levy (TVL), present case studies of TVL schemes across Europe, set out results of a survey of Edinburgh residents’ views on how TVL revenue should be invested, and make policy recommendations for the Scottish Government and Scottish Local Authorities.

02 Dec 2019

Active Travel, Buses, Cycling, Fiscal & Pricing, Public Transport, Tourism, Traffic Reduction, Urban transport, Walking


National Transport Strategy consultation response

Our response to the Scottish Government's NTS2 consultation.

23 Oct 2019

Fiscal & Pricing, Transport expenditure, Transport Policy


Annual Report 2019

Our Annual Report for the past year.

20 Oct 2019


Transform Scotland annual accounts 2018-19

Our accounts for the past year.

20 Oct 2019


‘Vision 2030: Clean Rail’

Briefing on the decarbonisation of Scotland's railways, launched in advance of September 2019 Programme for Government.

02 Sep 2019

Climate Change, Public Transport, Rail