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On Track for Business

Transform Scotland have published their new report, On track for business: Why Scottish businesses should try the train, which sets out the economic benefits available to Scottish businesses in switching from air travel to rail travel.  The report challenges Scottish businesses to save money and benefit the environment by using the train for business travel between Edinburgh and London.

On Track for Business report cover image

The report compares air and rail business travel on the Edinburgh-London route, and concludes that rail travel is a superior product to air, with key selling points of:

  • Better value for money
  • High-quality working environment
  • More relaxing travel experience
  • Superior environmental performance.

‘On track for business’ also reports on the progress made by major Scottish businesses RBS and SSE in switching from air to rail. The report calls for Scottish businesses and public sector bodies to actively switch their Edinburgh-London business travel from plane to train.

The report outlines that taking the train rather than plane, offers a high quality working environment, superior environmental performance and, crucially, better value for money. Unless a company’s sole criterion for choice of transport is journey time, air shouldn’t be treated as an automatic preference over rail. Due to being generally cheaper and providing a productive working environment, Scottish businesses can gain financially by switching many more of their employees’ trips on to rail for Edinburgh to London journeys.