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Corona Recovery Series

The Corona Crisis has severely impacted Scottish transport. We have published a series of reports on how we can ensure that the Corona Recovery leads us to a fairer, greener and more robust transport system. Throughout June 2020, we published a ‘Corona Recovery’ series of four reports that focus in on central challenges that the transport sector is facing, and accompanied these with a series of videocalls for our members.

#lovemybus — bus at heart of a just, green recovery

Bus can be a solution for tackling the challenges we face; improving our health, reducing pressure on the NHS, tackling inequalities and climate change, creating green jobs and strengthening our economy. How can we all help? Showing support for bus!


Inter-City Express: Bringing Scotland’s Cities Closer Together

We want to see a long-term programme of investment in the Scottish inter-city rail network so that rail, rather than road, can become the norm for travel between our cities.The ‘Inter-City Express’ campaign aims to transform rail travel in Scotland over the next fifteen years, bringing all seven of Scotland’s cities closer together with a ‘safe, civilised and sustainable mode of transport that is fit for the 21st Century’. Click here for the ICE website.


Fix It First: Mend all our roads now

We want to see investment focused on fixing our existing roads, cycle paths and pavements ahead of building more roads. And it’s not just us: 84% of Scots agree that priority should be given to fixing the existing road network. Scotland is calling on its Government to ‘Fix It First!’

You can find a collection of our past campaigns and their impact here.