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Worrying decline in bus travel shows need for further investment

Published 02 March 2016 by Jamie Wylie

Bus numbers have seen a significant reduction over the past five years, recent figures have shown.

The figures, released this week in a report by Transport Scotland, show increased travel through air, rail, car and cycling, but falling numbers of bus and ferry passengers.

The National Statistics report also showed that of public transport journeys, 77 per cent were made by bus, 17 per cent by rail, 4 per cent by air and 2 per cent by ferry.

Commenting on the figures, Colin Howden said:

“The 10% fall in bus use over the past five years is very worrying. People are less likely to use the bus if they are going to get stuck in congestion caused by there being too many cars on the road.

“Getting people back on to buses would make a major contribution to tackling congestion. This will require both continued investment in better bus services, and also giving priority to buses on congested routes into urban centres.”