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Pavement parking — close the loopholes in the Transport Bill

Published 02 October 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland is happy to lend its support to the Living Streets campaign calling on the Scottish Government to close the loopholes in the Transport Bill on pavement parking.

We made the following argument to the Parliament in our written evidence to the Scottish Parliament in September 2018:

“The Bill, which apparently assumes that allowing loading on pavements for 20 minutes will not normalise the practice, is either naïve or inept. We expect that the Bill’s provisions, as currently drafted, would have the significant negative unintended consequence of legitimising pavement parking. The proposals here are effectively unenforceable — for example, it is unrealistic to expect traffic attendants to wait for up to 20 minutes to ensure that a vehicle has not exceeded the time limit.”

Living Streets are calling for people to email their MSPs to ask them to close loopholes in the Transport Bill that will allow drivers to park for up to 20 minutes on pavements.

The Scottish Parliament will carry out its final considerations on the Transport Bill on Wednesday 9 October, so action is needed urgently here.