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Scottish Public Bodies can and must change their ways on climate

Published 04 December 2019 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland have responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the role of the Scottish public sector in tackling climate change.

Transform’s director Colin Howden said:

“The Scottish Public Bodies have a vast workforce and have a huge influence on society, lifestyles and transport impacts — so they absolutely can make a big difference. All of them can and must change their ways. There is no shortage of government guidance on the correct transport hierarchy but it simply isn’t being implemented at either national or local government level.”

As part of Transform’s response to the consultation, we call for a set of concrete items on which Public Bodies should report. In the area of transport, this would include:

* Travel Planning. Whether Public Bodies have adopted Travel Plans, and whether they have effective monitoring in place. Public Bodies should as part of their Travel Plans quantify business travel emissions and should estimate emissions generated by commuter travel.

* Low Emission Vehicles: Whether Public Bodies are making progress in decarbonising their vehicle fleets.

* Travel to London: Whether Public Bodies are using rail rather than air for travel from Scotland to London (in particular Edinburgh-London and Glasgow-London).