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A decade of delays to improved cross-Forth public transport

Published 08 January 2020 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has made its views known to the Scottish Parliament’s transport committee ahead of its scrutiny this morning (Wednesday 8 January) of the Queensferry Crossing Public Transport Strategy. The committee was taking evidence from Transport Scotland and other witnesses.

Commenting on the evidence session, Transform spokesperson Chris Day said:

“At the committee meeting this morning, we got an update of sorts on the Forth Crossing Public Transport Strategy which in November 2017 the Committee was promised ‘in the coming months’.

“Transport Scotland said that 9 out of 19 public transport schemes had been completed; we look forward to getting the details. The other 10 schemes were ‘long term’. The Crossing was approved in 2007, and the first PTS in 2009, so this is clearly very long term indeed.

“In the evidence, it was clear that even these 10 were at an early stage of development, and hopes of funding them rely on the Strategic Transport Projects Review or the Edinburgh City Region Deal. So they’ll still be competing for funds with many other projects across Scotland.

“This doesn’t look like the balanced ‘Managed Crossing Strategy’ that it was supposed to be.”

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