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Sheriffhall scheme at odds with Ministers’ Climate Emergency commitments

Published 31 January 2020 by Transform Scotland

We have today submitted our objection to Transport Scotland’s proposal for a £120 million roundabout on the Edinburgh city bypass.

Transform have objected to the proposals on the grounds that it will fail to reduce congestion, that the high cost could be better spent in sustainable transport investment, and that the scheme is incompatible with the Scottish Ministers’ commitment to tackling the Climate Emergency.

Transform spokesperson, Nigel Bagshaw, stated:

“The £120 million could, and should, be spent on investment in public transport, walking and cycling. It would have a much more positive impact if used, for example, to extend the tram system across Edinburgh; create a dense network of urban cycle paths such as those found in the Netherlands and Denmark; reduce the cost of public transport; and close city centre streets to general road traffic for the benefit of pedestrians.

“It is an established fact that there has been a failure to reduce emissions in transport in Scotland for 30 years — and recent years have seen a renewed growth in emissions. Projects such as Sheriffhall will merely reinforce that trend and embed increased emissions and pollution for years to come. The only way to reverse this trend is to change policy on the provision of road capacity and switch funding to sustainable alternatives which will have the effect of reducing, rather than increasing, emissions.”