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Scottish Renewables Transport Conference

Published 19 February 2020 by Transform Scotland

Jess Pepper, External Affairs Manager at Transform today presented to the Scottish Renewables Transport Conference on the role of the transport sector in achieving Net Zero.

Jess began by looking at the lack of progress on transport compared to other sectors in decarbonising and what modes of transport contribute most to emissions (See figure).


The presentation then looked at the potential for decarbonising transport over the next 10 years. Jess argued we need to couple modal shift with decarbonisation to tackle climate emissions from transport. She then introduced the Transform Vision 2030 for bus and rail projects. Vision 2030 sets out plans to decarbonise the bus and rail sectors by 2030, while coping with the increased capacity resulting from modal shift away from cars onto public transport.

Our thanks to Scottish Renewables for hosting the Transport Conference.