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Celebration of urban motorways shows Transport Scotland stuck in the 1960s

Published 26 June 2020 by Transform Scotland

Commenting on today’s 50th anniversary of the opening of the Kingston Bridge, Transform director Colin Howden said:

“Celebrating the bulldozing of elevated motorways through the centre of cities demonstrates the horrible complacency that runs right through Transport Scotland.

“Siberia north of the Arctic Circle is on fire, burning from heatwaves caused by climate change. Transport is the single largest source of emissions, and only last week Scottish Ministers had to admit that they had yet again missed their climate targets.

“It’s obvious that Transport Scotland is stuck with a 1960s mindset, one that is horribly out of touch with the reality of the need to tackle climate change. Instead it continues to uncritically pursue a multi-billion pound road-building programme that is directly responsible for climate destruction. Given this horribly misjudged celebration, the First Minister should be questioning whether the leadership of Transport Scotland is in any way fit for the urgent task of making deep cuts in climate emissions.”