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What Do Transport Groups Want from the next Scottish Government?

Published 26 March 2021 by Transform Scotland

The Scottish Parliament’s Cross-Party Group on Cycling, Walking & Buses held its final meeting on Tuesday 9 March. At this meeting, the members of the group were asked to share their top policy recommendations regarding the future of walking, cycling and buses in Scotland.

Transform director Colin Howden said:

“We’ve been very happy to provide the secretariat for this group over the past five years. We have enjoyed working with the group’s convenors Alison Johnstone MSP, Claudia Beamish MSP and Graham Simpson MSP, the other MSPs who have participated, and the group’s wider membership.

“At the final meeting of the group, the members set out their aspirations for walking, cycling and buses in the next Parliament, and we have now published this. We will also be making this document available to all of the Holyrood parties in advance of the May elections.”

We have also published a ‘legacy report‘, setting out the work of the group over the past five years.