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Open for Business: Gaining business support for transforming city centres

Published 27 May 2021 by Transform Scotland
How can we gain business support for car-free city planning?

We are launching a new report written by Jamie Wylie titled “Open for Business – Gaining business support for transforming cities”. Oslo introduced one of Europe’s largest car-free zones between 2017 and 2019 and as part of his research, Jamie conducted interviews with local government and businesses in Oslo, and pulled together a list of recommendations about the best ways to get businesses on board with car-free city planning.

We are inviting you to join our launch event on 11th May at 11am with the following speakers:

  • Jamie Wylie, Project Coordinator for the Expert Community at the Solar Impulse Foundation, and former Transform Scotland staff member
  • Gareth Williams, Head of Policy at the Scottish Council for Development and Industry
  • Claire Daly, Head of Communications and Policy at Sustrans (Scotland)

to discuss recommendations for cities aiming to create car-free city centres.

Investing in city centres to make them an attractive destination for people has become a priority for many local authorities. Particularly as we emerge from Covid-imposed lockdowns. Making city transformations work for businesses can help create the required support for measures to reduce car dominance in our Scottish towns and cities.

Join us on June 11 to learn more about car-free city centres and ‘best practice’ methods to encourage businesses to support car-free city planning.

N.B. This is an event for Transform Scotland members & supporters, staff, and volunteers. Non-members are welcome to attend upon payment of the appropriate fee. Email for more information.

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