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Transform Scotland response to A701 Relief Road & A702 Link Road consultation

Published 26 October 2021 by Transform Scotland

By email to:

Dear Sir/Madam

We object to all of the Routes Options proposed. These will all induce additional levels of traffic, which will negatively affect the operation of the Edinburgh City Bypass.

Furthermore, that additional traffic will bring with it increased climate change emissions.

It is disgraceful for Midlothian Council to be promoting new traffic-generating road-building in the immediate run-up to COP26. This proposal runs in direct conflict with Midlothian Council’s Climate Emergency declaration, and as such demonstrates a horrible hypocrisy on its part. [1]

Lastly, we regard the suggestion that this new road will enhance sustainable transport as grossly misleading, and represents naked greenwash.

We have seen various earlier versions of this road proposal, and we fully expect that Midlothian Council will continue to promote this scheme. We look forward to seeing the road orders, to which we expect to formally object.

I would be grateful if you would acknowledge receipt of this representation.

Colin Howden
Director, Transform Scotland

[1] ‘Council declares climate emergency’, 19/12/19: <>.