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Inequality in transport prices continues to increase

Published 15 August 2017 by Jamie Wylie

Today it was revealed that rail fares are set to increase by as much as 3.6% from January 2018, continuing a trend of rising prices for rail passengers over many years.

Price increases in Scotland will be lower than those in England and Wales due to a cap introduced by the Scottish Government. However, rail passengers – particularly commuters – will still have to face another significant and unfair price increase on everyday journeys. Meanwhile, it was also announced today that the cost of motoring has once again fallen due to decreasing fuel prices.

The increasing disparity between the cost of travelling by car and rail continues to be a major barrier to getting more people onto public transport. Both the UK and Scottish Governments continue to prioritise motoring at the expense of public transport. In doing so key issues such as air pollution, congestion and carbon emissions from transport remain largely unchallenged.

Yet another increase in rail fares hits those who are choosing to travel sustainably and risks seeing a shift away from public transport to private car use. More than ever, the UK and Scottish Governments need to take a serious look at the price of transport, address the unfair rise in rail prices and take action to make public transport competitive with private car use.

Join the call for a fares freeze

Our Member organisation, Campaign for Better Transport, are calling on the UK Government to introduce a freeze on rail fares and stop the unfair increase in the price of rail travel.

CBT are calling on people to get in touch with their MP to ask them to support a fare freeze for rail. To lobby your MP and find out more, see here.