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Transform Scotland May Newsletter — Members’ Profile

Published 07 May 2020 by Transform Scotland

CoMoUK is a charity that promotes the environmental, economic, health and social benefits of shared transport for the public good. We are partly funded by Transport Scotland to support the development of shared transport modes, with a focus on car clubs and bike share schemes. CoMoUK’s membership in Scotland includes all sizeable bike share schemes, large car club operators and engagement with many community-run schemes.

We view shared transport as a crucial weapon in the fight to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2045. Our research consistently finds that car clubs lead to a reduction in private car ownership and use, as well as providing a much cleaner fleet than the UK average. We also find that bike share schemes are a powerful tool for re-engaging lapsed cyclists and are used interchangeably with people cycling their own bikes as part of an overall contribution to modal shift and more active lifestyles. Crucially, we consistently find that people who switch to shared transport walk and cycle more and use it in conjunction with public transport, which is helping to reduce congestion and improve air quality. You can read more about the impact of shared transport in our Car Club Annual Survey for Scotland 2019/20 report and our Scotland Bike Share Users Survey 2019 report.

At CoMoUK we are proud of our team of experts who are based in Edinburgh, Leeds and London. We have several members of staff who can offer support and advice on shared transport modes, planning, mobility hubs, marketing and research. For more information, visit our website and follow us @Como_UK.