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Ramblers & Transform team up on Just Transition to make case for active travel

Published 03 July 2020 by Transform Scotland

Transform has published the response it has submitted to the Just Transition Commission jointly with Ramblers Scotland.

Our joint submission submission calls for:

(1) Rapid expansion of active travel infrastructure

(2) Rapid development of paths for leisure and recreation

(3) Investment in transition skills training and capacity building for transport planners and construction staff

(4) Other related measures, such as behaviour change projects

Transform director Colin Howden:

“We’re very pleased to have again teamed up with the Ramblers to make our views known to the Just Transition Commission. Walking and cycling are most sustainable modes of transport, being fundamentally zero emission, and so need to form a major component of efforts to decarbonise transport, the largest sector for emissions.”

Transform is also presenting oral evidence to the Commission later today. This will focus on both active travel and other ways in which we can deliver zero emission transport in Scotland.