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“Now is the time for bolder, more transformational action” — Welcome for Edinburgh city mobility plan

Published 12 February 2021 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland today warmly welcomed The City of Edinburgh Council’s ‘City Mobility Plan‘, which was published this morning.

Transform’s director Colin Howden said:

“It’s great to see the new emphasis on bold, transformational action from Edinburgh Council. This had been our main concern about the draft plans which were consulted upon last year. [1]

“We’re particularly please to see the strong emphasis on demand management in the City Mobility Plan, with a clear commitment to implementing a Workplace Parking Levy scheme. It’s great to see an SNP-led administration provide this leadership on road traffic demand management, something which we’ve yet to see from the Scottish Government transport minister Michael Matheson for the country as a whole.

“No doubt the usual suspects will come out with the habitual clichés about the ‘hard-pressed motorist’ being ‘priced off the roads’. This is all grossly misleading: the price of car use has become significantly cheaper over the past decade.

“Demand management was ‘strongly supported’ in the consultation, with even a road pricing scheme drawing 56% support. And, as the City Mobility Plan sets out, in the absence of action we can expect worse pollution, congestion and ill-health. It’s certainly time for bold, transformational action.”



[1] In the foreword to the City Mobility Plan, Councillors Lesley Macinnes and Karen Doran state that “now is the time for bolder, more transformational action”.