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Greater urgency required in Edinburgh City Mobility Plan

Published 23 April 2020 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has published its response to Edinburgh’s draft City Mobility Plan.

Transform’s policy officer Marie Ferdelman, who wrote our response, said:

“We strongly support the City of Edinburgh Council’s plans for transformative change in the city’s transport network over the next decade. However, we believe the plan requires more urgency, a stronger commitment to implementing the required measures within the coming decade, and a robust funding structure to be successful in transforming Edinburgh’s transport system.”

In our full response we set out five key recommendations for the City of Edinburgh Council to ensure the goals in the City Mobility Plan (CMP) can and will be achieved in the 2020 to 2030 timeframe:

    1. Greater urgency
      Timelines for projects envisioned in the CMP should be brought forward, in order to meet Edinburgh’s carbon emission reduction goals and to allow the transport network to cope with the growth in demand in the coming years.
    2. A plan for funding
      The Council should provide a robust plan for funding the projects outlined in the CMP, to reassure Edinburgh’s citizens that the proposals can and will be implemented.
    3. Expand public transport
      The CMP must drastically expand public transport provision, priority measures for public transport and integration between different types of public transport to achieve quicker and more convenient journeys for users.
    4. A comprehensive active travel network
      The CMP must commit to the roll-out of a comprehensive and segregated walking and cycling network in Edinburgh and bring forward timelines for active travel infrastructure projects that are already included in the CMP to achieve the desired modal shift by 2030.
    5. Reducing reliance on cars
      The CMP should actively set targets to reduce the number of trips made by private car in Edinburgh and include effective strategies to achieve these targets.

The deadline for responses to the City Mobility Plan consultation is Thursday 30 April and the details can be found here.