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Infrastructure plans need focus on inter-city rail and active travel

Published 23 February 2015 by Colin Howden

Transform Scotland has released a parliamentary briefing ahead of a parliamentary debate to be led by the Scottish Ministers in the Scottish Parliament on the afternoon of Tuesday 24 February.

Transform Scotland’s briefing makes the following key points:

  • We need investment in the Scottish inter-city rail network north of the Central Belt. The Infrastructure Investment Plan (IIP) needs to set out investment plans to tackle the uncompetitive railway journey times between our cities north of the Central Belt. The current version of the IIP sets out no rail investment proposals north of the Central Belt yet provides £6 billion for further speeding up road journeys.
  • The IIP must also set out investment to deliver the NPF3 National Developments on Active Travel. The Third National Planning Framework (NPF3), as published in June 2014, sets out National Developments for a (i) Long Distance Cycling and Walking Network, and (ii) the Central Scotland Green Network. We need to see these NPF3 National Developments matched with funding in the IIP.

The briefing is available for download.