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Levenmouth reopening: lessons to be learned from Borders Railway failings

Published 08 August 2019 by Transform Scotland

Commenting on the Scottish Government decision to reopen the Levenmouth rail line, Transform rail spokesperson Paul Tetlaw said:

“The reopening of the railway line to Levenmouth is a great testament to those who have campaigned tirelessly over many years. They deserve hearty congratulations. We have been delighted to help our members, the Levenmouth Rail Campaign, from the early stages of their campaign.

“Well done too to Cabinet Secretary Michael Matheson and those in the rail team at Transport Scotland who helped to deliver this successful outcome.

“However, we and many others remain puzzled as to why it should take five years to reopen just five miles of mothballed railway line. We must hope that this can be completed in a much shorter timescale so that local residents can once again enjoy the benefits of a rail service.

“As for the construction itself, it is imperative that the line is reopened in a fit state for future growth and we do not see the same mistake made as on the Borders Railway. In its case, money from the rail budget was lavished on creating extra road capacity at overbridges while the railway bridges themselves were constructed to single track width. This now contributes to a rail service which is not as reliable as it should be.”