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Britain’s biggest bus manufacturer joins Scotland’s campaign for sustainable transport

Published 09 December 2019 by Transform Scotland

We are proud to announce that Alexander Dennis Limited, Britain’s biggest bus manufacturer, has decided to join Transform Scotland.

Falkirk-based Alexander Dennis Limited is one of Scotland’s major manufacturing businesses. They are an industry-leader in the design of low and zero-emission buses and coaches, and involved in the development of Europe’s first full-sized autonomous (driverless) bus.

We’re excited to be working with Alexander Dennis Limited, as public transport and shifting from cars to buses is critical to tackling climate change and congestion, both in Scotland and globally. As a clean, affordable and efficient means of mass transit, buses have a vital role to play in creating an accessible transport system for all of us, and we feel very fortunate to have a company like Alexander Dennis Limited based in Scotland that we can work with to make this happen.

Keith Watson, Customer Development Director at Alexander Dennis Limited, said

“As global leaders in innovation in the bus industry, we’re really keen to join forces with organisations like Transform Scotland who share our vision for a zero-carbon future, not just in Scotland but around the world. We already offer the widest range of low and zero-emission buses on the market, from the cleanest Euro 6 engines all the way to full battery electric. We’re excited to work alongside all the other members of Transform Scotland and encourage the uptake of these new technologies for all customers, wherever they are on their journey to zero carbon.”

Colin Howden, the Director of Transform Scotland, said

“Here in Scotland we no longer make cars but we do manufacture buses. We’re very fortunate to have a global bus manufacturer right here in Falkirk. This gives us an amazing head start. We need to do everything we can to capitalise on this, to make Scotland a world-leader in developing zero-carbon buses and transport networks.”

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