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Scottish Budget: “This is in no way a Climate Emergency response”

Published 06 February 2020 by Transform Scotland

Responding to the publication of the draft Scottish Budget for 2020-21, Colin Howden, director of Transform Scotland, said:

“Existing Scottish Government capital expenditure plans systematically favour high-carbon over low-carbon infrastructure. [1]

“Transport is the largest sector for climate emissions. Today’s announcement of an extra £500m on low-carbon spend will barely turn the dial. This is in no way a Climate Emergency response, this is a modestly-tweaked business-as-usual response.

“All of the Government’s multi-billion pound road-building plans remain in place. Unless and until the roads programme is fundamentally reviewed then the Scottish Ministers can in no way be seen to be playing their part in tackling the Climate Emergency.”

[1] Scottish Parliament research on Scottish Government infrastructure investment (January 2019)

“This [Scottish Parliament] analysis suggests the Scottish Government’s investment in projects expected to increase emissions will increase, while investment in projects expected to decrease emissions will decrease.”

See pp38-39 of

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