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Job cuts at ADL would be a major setback for a Green Recovery in Scotland

Published 27 July 2020 by Transform Scotland

Commenting on today’s announcement by Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) of a major restructuring that could lead to job cuts, Transform Scotland director Colin Howden commented:

“Job cuts at ADL’s Falkirk plant would represent a major setback for the prospects for a Green Recovery in Scotland.

Image courtesy of ADL.

“ADL is one of the few outstanding examples where Scotland is a world-leader is sustainable technology. It is imperative that we retain this expertise and manufacturing capacity in Scotland’s economy.

“The Scottish Government took action to rescue Prestwick Airport. If it can intervene to rescue high-carbon infrastructure such as that then we need to see urgent action by the Scottish Ministers here.

“We are facing a Climate Emergency. Prioritising investment in buses, and securing green jobs in manufacturing and services will be critical to the solution.”

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