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Just bits of old road, plus asphalt and guardrails

Published 11 February 2015 by Colin Howden

Transform members Go Bike! report that Glasgow City Council have now approved their 20mph petition and that is now available for signature. They managed to get the issue covered on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Call Kaye’ show this morning.

City of Edinburgh Council have announced that Scottish Water will be putting more resources into road maintenance in the city. Good.

Our of our directors, Lawrence Marshall, albeit writing in his own capacity, has a letter in The Scotsman, ‘Devo-within’. He raises a number of the issues, about the need for devolution of transport powers within Scotland, also raised in our own Devolving Transport paper published in October last year.

Spokes have been following up with Transport Scotland on Twitter regarding the latter’s plans for cycle provision in the A96 Inverness-Nairn project. Transport Scotland assert that this will be developed later, but Spokes are not confident that this will come to more than “Just bits of old road”!

Meanwhile, the SNP are (deservedly) putting the boot into Danny Alexander MP for his idiotic defence of speeding drivers on the A9.

Opponents of the Marischal Square development in Aberdeen have put forward their alternative proposals for the area. There is much to doubt about the merits of the existing proposals but at least there was the prospect of the scheme bringing some pedestrianisation of Broad Street. This dire proposal seems to want to retain all of the asphalt & guardrails.

Finally, in climate change corner, Stop Climate Chaos have issued a video of celebs reciting Shakespeare as part of their ‘Show the Love’ campaign. And for the true climate geeks amongst you, SSN report that the Scottish Government will be publishing a consultation on public sector climate reporting; action on this topic was something we had called for in our 2013 report ‘Doing their Duty?’