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Case for better interchange presented in Parliament

Published 20 May 2015 by Colin Howden

Our head of research Jolin Warren today gave evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Infrastructure & Capital Investment Committee on access to Scotland’s major railway stations.

Jolin giving ICI committee evidence

Key findings from our Interchange project were of interest to the Committee, including the need for a more consistent, high standard for cycle and pedestrian access to stations, and what the next steps are to create our recommended network of Active Travel Hubs.

We were able to present our specific concerns regarding the extremely poor use of Waverley’s ramp entrances which pen in pedestrians and prohibit cycling; the lack of sufficient and appropriate cycle parking at Aberdeen station; and Network Rail’s refusal to consider how to integrate with other forms of transport in the redevelopment of Queen Street station. The need for an Active Travel Architect for major projects such as this was highlighted. Finally, we emphasised the importance of a coordinated approach between local authorities, station managers, and neighbouring private owners to ensure that facilities in and around stations work together and are of a high standard.