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Lords set poor example in travel to London

Published 20 January 2016 by Jamie Wylie

Scottish Lords spent over £280,000 on air travel expenses over the course of one year, a recent investigative report has found.

The investigation, carried out by The Ferret, found that some Scottish Lords were spending more than £20,000 a year on travel between Scotland and London. The revelations are all the more shocking given that two of the Peers, Lord Purvis and Lord Foulkes, have both contributed to recent climate change legislation.

Commenting on the recent findings, Colin Howden said:

“Rail travel should be the first option for business travel from central Scotland to London. Compared to flying, it provides a productive working environment, is generally less expensive, and has a much lower environmental impact.

“We need leadership from politicians in cutting climate emissions, and in particular from aviation, the most polluting form of transport. So the amount of public funds being spent on supporting air travel from Scotland to London is quite distressing.

“Lord Purvis is setting an especially poor example. It is untenable to present the case for emission reduction, as he has done in the Lords, while at the same time presenting the public with a large bill for his excessive levels of air travel.”