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Urgent action from aviation bodies needed to avoid undermining Paris Agreement

Published 16 May 2016 by Jamie Wylie

Transform Scotland last week joined calls from other environmental organisations across the world to demand action from the aviation sector to curb global carbon emissions.

The letter, signed by 64 environmental groups, highlights the worrying predicted growth of the aviation sector in the future, and calls for urgent actions to be taken to reduce ever-increasing carbon emissions.

The letter was published ahead of the ICAO High Level Meeting which took place last week, which brought together the world’s major aviation bodies to discuss the proposed Global Market Based Mechanism (GMBM) plan to tackle emissions from the aviation sector.

The letter, published in Carbon Market Watch, highlights four key actions required from the aviation sector to curb carbon emissions:

  • Set ambitious carbon targets
  • Guarantee environmental integrity
  • Ensure accurate measurement and assessment
  • Adopt transparent decision making

For read the letter in full, please see here.