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Persistence pays off in the campaign for safer streets

Published 28 July 2016 by Jamie Wylie

This week sees the first in a series of 20mph speed limits implemented across Edinburgh. Starting from Sunday, speed limit reductions will be implemented across an area covering the city centre and the rural west region of the city.

The decision from the City of Edinburgh Council to introduce city-wide 20mph speed limits over the coming 18 months is welcome news for street and road users across Edinburgh. Cutting speed limits across the city will help to improve pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety and make the public realm in Edinburgh a more pleasant environment in which to spend time.

With the new city centre speed limits to be rolled this week, the staff in the Transform Scotland office were reflecting on past efforts to encourage Scotland’s councils to take action on reducing speed limits. Whilst looking through our records, we found  a document from our Slow Down Scotland campaign which we ran in 1999 with the Sunday Herald.

This lead us to realise that at the time of launching the Slow Down Scotland campaign,  I was only 5 years old and yet to even start primary school. It may have taken 17 years for the City of Edinburgh Council to make the city’s streets safer – long enough for me to go from nursery to graduating from university – but it shows that, in the end, persistence pays off!


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