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“Long-term strategy” needed to decarbonise transport in Scotland

Published 09 January 2017 by Jamie Wylie

Transform Scotland has expressed concern over the lack of progress on decarbonising the Scottish transport system.

The criticism comes in the wake of research by WWF Scotland, which found that electricity production in Scotland has a significantly smaller impact on climate change when compared to the rest of the UK.

Despite good progress on decarbonising electricity production in recent years, transport emissions have remained stagnant since 1990.

With carbon emissions from energy and electricity falling every year, transport will soon be the largest source of emissions in Scotland. There is now an urgent need for the Scottish Government to take action on transport and provide Scotland with a low carbon transport system.

Commenting on the news, Colin Howden, Director of Transform Scotland, said:

“We need to level the playing field so that public transport, cycling and walking can compete with the private car, and have a long-term strategy that clearly shows how all transport will shift over to low carbon.”

For more information, see the report in The Scotsman.