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Welcome targets, but stronger actions needed: Transform responds to Energy Strategy

Published 03 April 2017 by Jamie Wylie

Transform Scotland has today responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on the Energy Strategy.

The Energy Strategy sets out proposals for Scotland’s energy system over the next fifty years. The standout target from the Strategy is a target for 50% of all energy to come from renewable sources by 2030.

The Strategy includes some positive messages for how the Scottish Government intends to decarbonise transport over the coming years. However, we have serious concerns that the actions set out do not go far enough to make the necessary reductions in carbon emissions from transport. There is also too much focus on technological change and factors outwith the Scottish Government’s control. Furthermore, there is not enough emphasis on reducing energy demand through the use of public transport and active travel.

Commenting on the Energy Strategy, Jamie Wylie, Communications Officer, said:

We support the Scottish Government’s target for an equivalent of 50% of energy to be met by renewables by 2030. Given the lack of progress so far in decarbonising heat and transport, this is a reasonable target. We do however have concerns that the actions as set out in the draft Energy Strategy for transport create a high degree of uncertainty as to whether this target will be met.

“Many of the policies are highly dependent on either technology change, such as an uptake of electric vehicles, or decisions made at a UK or EU level – both of which are largely outwith the control of the Scottish Government. This creates a large risk that transport will not decarbonise at a fast enough rate and will lag behind heat and electricity in decarbonisation.”

To read the consultation response in full, see here.

The consultation remains open until 30 May. See here for more information on how to respond to the consultation.