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Queensferry Crossing: Now time for public transport to take priority

Published 30 August 2017 by Transform Scotland

36227424305_6fe807617c_kCommenting on the opening of the Queensferry Crossing, Colin Howden, Director of Transform Scotland, said:

The Government stated that an additional crossing was needed because of concerns over the structural integrity of the existing bridge. As part of the decision to go ahead with the Queensferry Crossing, there was a specific commitment that the Forth Road Bridge would be used exclusively for public transport, as well as for walking and cycling. It’s now time for public transport to take priority in the Government’s spending plans. [1]

It’s clear that Edinburgh cannot take an increase in car traffic, so it is imperative for the public transport offer from north of the Forth into Edinburgh to be significantly improved. Buses will now be able to cross the Forth free from having to mix with single-occupant cars, but it would be tragic if bus passengers were then simply held up in traffic jams on their journey into Edinburgh. We need to see greater bus priority measures on the roads into the city.

“We also need to see investment in the rail infrastructure north of the Forth Bridge where it is widely acknowledged that journey times to destinations in Fife and to Perth are simply not competitive with car journey times due to decades of under-investment.

The train journey time from Edinburgh to Perth is slower than a century ago, and rectifying this historic failing should be the next priority for the Scottish Government’s transport capital investment programme.” [2]



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