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Time for public transport to take priority: Transform features in the Transport Times

Published 25 September 2017 by Transform Scotland

Our Communications and Public Affairs Officer Jamie Wylie has recently featured in the Transport Times, writing about the Queensferry Crossing and the need for greater priority for public transport between Edinburgh and Fife.

Whilst undoubtedly an amazing engineering feat, the bridge represents a worrying trend in Scottish transport of increasing priority for private cars ahead of public transport.

“Successive Scottish Budgets have seen investment prioritised in trunk roads and motorways, in turn promoting the use of private vehicles over public transport. Indeed, the 2017/18 Budget saw an increase in spending on roads of 18% compared to the previous year, whilst support for buses fell by 3%. This current trend of investment is in direct conflict with the Government’s policy on sustainable transport and is stopping the Government meeting its own targets on issues such as congestion and a modal shift to sustainable modes of transport.”

The full article can be found on the Transport Times website.

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