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TRAC research shows Scotland is leading the way on electric vehicles

Published 11 October 2017 by Transform Scotland

Research published by WWF Scotland today shows that Scotland has world leading targets on phasing out the use of petrol and diesel cars.

The research – carried out by Transform Scotland’s social enterprise research consultancy TRAC – put Scotland in the top six countries globally* for setting targets for the use of electric vehicles.

The Scottish Government’s new target, which was announced last month, will see the sale of new petrol and diesel cars phased out by 2032. This would put Scotland sixth on the list globally, behind Norway, India, Austria, the Netherlands and Ireland.

Commenting on the news, Jamie Wylie, Policy and Communications Officer, said:

It’s great to see the Scottish Government setting ambitious targets for electric vehicles. Increasing the uptake in EVs is vital to tackle the illegal levels of air pollution affecting towns and cities across Scotland, as well as for cutting carbon emissions and meeting our climate change targets.

Whilst electric vehicles are not the solution to all of Scotland’s transport problems, EVs will play a big role in Scotland’s future, particularly in more rural areas. Hopefully this new target shows that the Government is taking transport emissions much more seriously than in the past.” 

You can read more about the research here.



* The Netherlands announced a new, stronger target the day before this research was published. As such, Scotland is referred to as being in the top five, whereas it is now sixth-placed globally for the phase out of petrol/diesel cars.