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New campaign seeks public’s ideas to “transform transport in Scotland”

Published 27 October 2017 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland has today launched a new campaign, #Transform20, to hear the public’s ideas to transform transport in Scotland.

#Transform20¬†welcomes members of the public and organisations to submit their best ideas to improve Scotland’s transport system and deliver sustainable, affordable, reliable transport for everyone.

The twenty best ideas will be selected by an expert judging panel and presented to the Scottish Government in order to inform three important transport political processes (National Transport Strategy Review, Transport Bill, and Strategic Transport Projects Review).

The campaign is being launched to mark the 20th anniversary of the founding of Transform Scotland.

Ideas can be submitted at the #Transform20 website until 1 December.

Transform Scotland Director Colin Howden said:

We’ve got our own clear ideas about what needs to happen to transform transport in Scotland. But given that the public are the ones that experience transport issues on a daily basis, we think it’s also important that the general public are given an opportunity to have their say.

Since the last national transport strategy was released in 2006, there has been a systematic failure to meet national targets for cutting congestion, reducing emissions from transport, or getting people to move to the sustainable modes of transport. Over the next couple of years, the Scottish Government intends to fundamentally review its transport strategy, bring forward new legislation on transport, and consider what should be the capital expenditure priorities for the next 20 years. So now seems a great time to harness the wisdom of the crowds who walk, cycle, and use buses, trains, ferries and cars on a daily basis.

Transform Scotland’s #Transform20 campaign organiser Alex Taylor said:

We’ve made it easy for people to come forward with their good ideas. What we’re asking for is a catchy title and a short description, although the campaign website allows people to also submit images and supporting documents should people want to expand on their ideas in more detail.

For further information, please see the #Transform20 website at <>.