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Parliament’s local government committee hears Transform’s views on City Deals

Published 01 November 2017 by Colin Howden

Transform Scotland policy advisor Chris Day today gave oral evidence to the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee as part of its inquiry into City Region Deals. As part of his evidence, Chris argued that the City Deals had not been sufficiently subject to scrutiny as to how they delivered for equalities and the environment, a point shared by all witnesses and the Committee members:

“I reinforce [the] point about the need for scrutiny of equalities in the deals, and I highlight a similar absence of environmental assessment. … it was the norm to carry out not only environmental and equalities assessments but financial and various other assessments on any given project. I would therefore assume that to be the norm in each of the city deals, but we do not seem to have a reflection of their collective impacts on equalities or the environment.”

The Parliament’s full Official Report of the evidence session is available online, and is also available on ‘Scottish Parliament TV‘.