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Buses should be more central to Scottish transport policy

Published 20 November 2017 by Colin Howden

Commenting on the KPMG report ‘Trends in Scottish bus patronage’ for CPT Scotland, Transform Scotland director Colin Howden said:

“It is imperative for Scotland to have strong bus services to provide a compelling alternative to private car use. In urban areas, we need to see action for the strict enforcement of existing bus lanes, improved traffic management, and the introduction of new bus priority measures. In rural areas, we need the protection of services that provide a lifeline for those in society who are genuinely dependent on public transport services.

“It continues to surprise us that successive governments have not made the bus more central to our national transport policy. The bus industry should be seen as a major Scottish success story, the country being home to internationally-renowned transport companies, award-winning bus operators, and a major bus manufacturing industry. All of this in a country with no car manufacturing industry for government to placate.”