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Smart ticketing: Time to deliver fully integrated transport across Scotland

Published 06 December 2017 by Transform Scotland

Transform Scotland yesterday responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on smart ticketing.

The consultation sets out proposals to provide a nation-wide smart ticketing programme covering multiple modes of transport.

Whilst we support the principle of smart ticketing across Scotland, it is vital that such a scheme is fully integrated with all modes of public transport and is convenient and easy for everyone to use. Delivering a national smart card which simply stores value (i.e. an ‘e-purse’ scheme) is not sufficient; instead smart ticketing must focus on an integrated system providing value-for-money and seamless travel on public transport. If implemented well, smart ticketing offers a huge opportunity to get more people travelling sustainably and tackle issues such as the decline in bus use.

The response makes a number of recommendations to ensure that smart ticketing is successful, including:

  • Fully integrated with all modes of public transport, potentially including cycle hire schemes
  • Ensure transport centres (e.g. rail stations, airports) have full facilities to sell tickets across Scotland
  • A nation-wide network of agents able to sell tickets
  • An online point of purchase
  • Ensure smart-ticketing allows people to clearly choose the best value option

Jamie Wylie, Policy and Communications Officer at Transform Scotland, commented:

Smart ticketing is long overdue in Scotland, with other countries having had schemes in place for many years. Indeed, London has had the Oyster Card for nearly 15 years now. It’s time for the Scottish Government to press on and introduce a fully integrated, convenient and value-for-money smart ticketing scheme which allows people to travel right across Scotland with ease.”

The full response can be found here.

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