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Glasgow Airport flight path proposals: Noise pollution and emissions must be key priority

Published 15 January 2018 by Transform Scotland

Glasgow Airport has today announced proposals to change flight paths around Glasgow and south-west Scotland.

Commenting on the news, Jamie Wylie, Communications Officer, said:

“We’ll be taking a close look at Glasgow Airport’s proposals.

“Aircraft noise is a major problem worldwide, causing significant public health problems, so we’ll be reviewing what these new proposals mean for those residents of the Glasgow conurbation who will be overflown.

“The claims of the Airport that the new flight paths will reduce carbon emissions is an interesting one. Of course, similar claims were made by Edinburgh Airport as part of its own proposals, but it quickly became clear that that’s airport’s principal objective was the unfettered growth in flights rather than the claimed efficiency benefits.”

Members of the public can read and comment on the proposals here.