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Low carbon funding must support bikes and buses, not just cars

Published 22 January 2018 by Transform Scotland

The Scottish Government has today announced a £60 million fund to support low-carbon innovation across the country.

The Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme will support innovative projects across various sectors – including transport projects such as charging networks for electric vehicles – to support a transition towards clean energy. Funding available includes investment of up to £100,000 for small projects, and support of up to £5 million match-funding for larger, capital-ready projects.

Commenting on the announcement, Jamie Wylie, Transform Scotland spokesperson, said:

An increase in funding to support low carbon infrastructure is welcome. This fund will help to encourage a transition towards low carbon transport, which is vital given that transport is now the largest source of carbon emissions in Scotland.

However, the £60 million fund is but a fraction of the Scottish Government’s proposed £300 million Air Passenger Duty annual tax cut, which will further increase emissions from transport. Instead of giving another unjustified tax cut to the aviation industry, the Government should be providing more support for sustainable transport projects like the Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

“It’s also vital that support for electric buses and electric bikes are included as part of this new funding. This is important not only for cutting carbon emissions, but also for helping bus companies cut air pollution in urban areas and helping to make it easy for people of all abilities to cycle.”