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A90 average speed cameras: Time to extend scheme to all trunk roads

Published 23 January 2018 by Transform Scotland

Figures released by Transport Scotland from the A90 average speed cameras have shown a massive reduction in dangerous driving.

Since the introduction of average speed cameras last year only one in every 100 vehicles broke the speed limit, compared to three in every five cars speeding before the scheme.

The results also show that only one in every 5,000 vehicles now break the speed limit by more than 10mph — when previously it was one out of every five vehicles.

Commenting on the results, Jamie Wylie, Transform Scotland spokesperson, said:

It’s very encouraging to see such a significant reduction in dangerous driving on the A90. The average speed cameras have clearly made a huge difference and are helping to change driver behaviour and are keeping people safe.

Given the success of the schemes on the A90 and the A9, there’s a clear case for the Scottish Government to extend average speed cameras to all trunk roads across the country. Doing so would save many lives and ensure that everyone acts within the law on the roads. If rail services are subject to strict speed limits, road users should be too.